Learn About Genital Warts Treatment

There is no known cure for genital warts. There are, however, some genital warts treatment on the market and home made, which can be used to control the disease. The warts are usually not painful but their presence in the wrong parts of your body will always make you very uncomfortable especially in public places.

That’s why some people decided to use genital warts remedies like Wartrol !

There is no known evidence that suggests that the ailment has any hereditary or genetic link but it is an easily contagious disease which can be spread very quickly through touch. The disease if often spread during sexual intercourse.

This condition can look like a regular wart which is pink in color or can actually be red. Thy grow in a moist place in the genital area. The effects of them can sometimes cause burning or itching.

In women, these most often appear on the vulva, cervix, or the anus. In men they most commonly appear on the penis or on the scrotum. In both sexes they can quite easily spread into other areas such as the inner thighs.

The technical name for this problem is Condylomata acuminate. Really, they are quite harmless but they could ulcerate. Once they do this, it is very possible that they could bleed, itch and maybe even produce a foul smelling stench. They are painless, unless they are irritated by some kind of touch. This can cause pain when urinating or during intercourse as a result.

When one gets this problem, you will first need to approach a reputable doctor who can provide good treatment for the ailment. You may want to ask your physician or someone qualified who is professional and won’t laugh or spread the news.

Many are often embarrassed to ask family members or friends for recommendations for such an issue. After you get the details of a qualified professional, you should proceed to make an appointment.

The doctor will first run some tests to see if you are in fact suffering from genital warts. Upon confirmation of the ailment doctors should then outline the various treatments that are available. The doctor should point out to you that only the external part of the infection is being treated because there is no known cure for the disease.

Doctors can sometimes prescribe you a few removal ointments or creams. Many doctors often prescribe Condylox and Aldara to treat the infection. The doctor should enquire whether you are pregnant before giving you this medication because. The reason is because if you are pregnant the medication may cause some harm to the unborn baby so it is unlikely that this medication will be prescribed if you are pregnant.

If you have a severe case of genital warts then the doctor should choose the treatment. This is because the application of the treatment cannot be done by the patient alone and the doctor must be present. Such treatments include Podophyllin resin, BCA and Efudex. BCA is completely safe for women who are pregnant. The other types may cause harm to the baby.

If the condition does not disappear using the medical treatments, then the doctors may recommend other treatments which are more physical. These types include laser, surgical and cryocautery treatments. Most of these treatments make sure that all external growths of the warts are destroyed completely.

You should never try to pull out the genital warts because this may make them worse and may causing bleeding. Before starting the genital warts treatment you should make sure that you understand all the disadvantages of the treatment options.

Treating the problem using applied medications which include Imiquimod or medications applied by doctors will go some way to reducing the effects of the virus in future.

These are very expensive options however and they may not always produce the most consistent results of any medication. The side effects are bearable though which is one of the huge upsides of these types of treatments. Podofilox can be used to treat the disease when one is on a shoestring budget but for some the side effects could be unbearable.

If there are many warts and they have grown quite large then you may have to check in to a hospital in order to have each one removed individually. If there are not that many, then taking the removal creams could be enough.

Unfortunately, there are no 100 percent effective treatments for genital warts so one must consider many factors when choosing what type of treatment he or she wishes to have. Consult your doctor and then hear what the doctor recommends and then make your decision depending on your budget, your tolerance for side effects and also if you are pregnant.

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